United Rentals / Yak Mat Acquisition

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With Yak Mat acquisition matting news announcement by United Rentals, we’ll see big changes in the matting world. Major Points: Consolidation in the mat business Recognition that infrastructure build out is here to stay for the long term. United says decades. A drive towards one-stop shopping irrespective of geographical location. For the big players, substantially … Read more

Custom Timber Mats

Sometimes a standard mat just won’t work. You can order a custom design or custom order for strong, uniformly manufactured mats. Eucalyptus is 40% stronger than mixed hardwoods so you may be able to use a thinner Eucalyptus mat for a thicker mixed hardwood mat.*  Here are two mats that customer requested. The first is … Read more

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Ground Protection: Eucalyptus Timber Mats by World Forest Group

World Forest Timber Mats

Low impact, cost effective timber mats that meet decarbonization goals through superior strength, standardization, safety, sustainability, and carbon offsets HOUSTON, Oct. 12, 2021 – World Forest Group (WFG) announced that as of August 1, 2021 all of its environmentally friendly, completely renewable Eucalyptus timber, crane, and access mats are now carbon neutral. Used to protect … Read more