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Matting 101: How Material Strength + Standardized Manufacturing Make A Dependable Mat

Eucalyptus’ stronger material strength + standardized manufacturing + superb quality control = A dependable, more productive, safer, timber mat with less downtime, and lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Eucalyptus may sound exotic, but when the first mat was produced decades ago, even oak was an unconventional material.

Eucalyptus is a hardy hardwood that is the most widely cultivated tree species globally. The Eucalyptus utilized in World Forest Group’s mats boasts around 40% higher strength than high-quality oak, and up to 200% greater strength than many grades of mixed hardwoods.

However, material sturdiness alone does not determine overall mat quality. Consistent manufacturing, attention to detail, and meticulous quality control play equally crucial roles.

World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus mats offer stronger timber, defect-free materials, high-grade steel bolts, best-in-class manufacturing of end plates and sealants, and phytosanitary treatment for each individual mat.

The result is uniformity across materials and finished products.

This consistency translates into:

  • greater uptime,

  • boosted productivity,

  • easier handling,

  • enhanced employee safety,

  • reduced equipment hazards and accidents,

  • dramatically extended lifespan,

  • the lowest total cost of ownership, and

  • truly sustainable, carbon-neutral mats.

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