Mat Testing

Stronger. Safer. Standardized. Sustainable.

We adopted our flip, scrape and drop tests to simulate the worst handling we can do in controlled conditions. For the flip test we took inspiration from one of our customers’ handling approaches – the mats are scooped up with a forklift. As we scoop them we scrape the ground with the mats. Then we flip them…all day. After that test is done, we drop the mats from 14-16 feet. It’s brutal. Each new mat product undergoes up to 600 scrape & flips and three drops. And, Eucalyptus timber mats pass those test!

Eucalyptus mats are strong enough that a thinner Eucalyptus mat may be substituted for a much thicker mixed hardwood mat.

This substitution means lower initial cost, lower ongoing operating costs (less failures and lower transport costs), and lower Total Cost of Ownership.