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True Story

Eucalyptus access mats for pipeline
Eucalyptus access mats for pipeline

A customer, Todd, came to us looking for a better access mat.

His problem: Three ply mats of any design were unusable after four months. He needed something that could handle 55,000 lb. loaded concrete trucks on deep farm soils. 

The E7M mat was created for Todd: 6″ thick by various lengths and 7 feet wide. 

Testing was done with loaded 92,000 lb. concrete trucks, well in excess of Todd’s trucks. Another couple of years of product development and manufacturing made it possible to reduce thickness to 4″ and 5″. This reduced costs so much that putting down two 4′ wide mats was a better value proposition than Todd’s original mat. The testing on the 6″ mats was impressive. Similar tests on 4″ and 5″ mats gave similar results. 

The takeaway? Eucalyptus makes a competitive access mat alternative with long life and substantially lower Total Cost of Ownership.

For Geeks Only

If you like numbers, watch videos on testing and methods for Todd’s custom E7M mats. 

Want the short version? We dropped Todd’s mat 250 times, plus tested deflection, ramp abuse, and flip capacity. Did similar tests 6 weeks later with no damage, no failure, and no defects.