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Access Mats for the Renewables Industry

As you build out the future of renewables, carbon neutral mats match your customers’ values and provide additional environmental value.

Wind: Eucalyptus excels in delivering enduring value. Some customers have discovered that a single 12” Eucalyptus can substitute for two, 12” mixed hardwoods, and that 10” Eucalyptus is just as strong as 12” mixed hardwoods generating significant transport savings.

For walking your crane consider our 8” Eucalyptus walking mats.

Solar: You need to execute quickly and reliably and can’t afford to get stuck in mud, create spark danger, and compact the soil. Use our 4” mat and contact us about leasing options.

Eucalyptus also delivers lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any mat out there.

If your new World Forest Group Eucalyptus access mats are not in compliance with our 10-point Manufacturing Guarantee on arrival please contact us and we will replace the mat at no cost to you.