More Mats Per Truck

6 inch Eucalyptus timber mats on truck

Eucalyptus timber mats are unusual for one reason: Usually a stronger material means heavier. In the case of World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus timber mats, they are both stronger AND lighter. 

United Rentals / Yak Mat Acquisition

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With Yak Mat acquisition matting news announcement by United Rentals, we’ll see big changes in the matting world. Major Points: Consolidation in the mat business Recognition that infrastructure build out is here to stay for the long term. United says decades. A drive towards one-stop shopping irrespective of geographical location. For the big players, substantially … Read more

Eucalyptus Species

Mature Eucalyptus Trees There are hundreds of Eucalyptus species, which are native to Australia. Eucalyptus species are hardwoods and are grown worldwide in plantations for lumber, pulp products and firewood. Many Eucalyptus species have been researched intensively and have substantially improved genetic stock. It’s the most planted tree worldwide with about 50 million acres … Read more