Did You Lose Thousands (or millions) Last Year In Matting By Not Asking This Question?

The question is: “What’s the performance spec?” Most users specify size, not a performance requirement. That’s costing you money. That might have worked 30 years ago when mats were made of one species, were true to size, and had no defects. It doesn’t work now: Most mats are made of many different species, they’re thinner … Read more

How to Destroy a Eucalyptus Mat

Summary We almost figured out how to destroy World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus timber mats. Start with mats that have been scraped and flipped 250 times, and dropped three times for product testing, then subject the same mats to 8000+ trips, five moves, and 565 million pounds of traffic over the course of a year. We … Read more

Why Power Line and Renewables Users are Turning to Eucalyptus Mats

Introduction Some years ago, a large EPC asked us, “Can you make us a Eucalyptus timber mat that can replace our mixed hardwood and CLTs? They just don’t last longer than 6-12 months.” You might be facing the same problems and seeking alternative matting solutions which balance price, lifespan, and sustainability.* Contractors and EPCs have … Read more

Solar Power World Features #ABetterTimberMat

“What differentiates solar EPCs from each other is execution on the ground rather than access to solar hardware. They control what they can. That means getting people and resources in and out quickly, safely and executing efficiently. With matting, solar EPCs have a competitive advantage instead of being left with risk and possible cost overruns … Read more


Summary: We popped our Eucalyptus timber mats into a refrigerated container for 60 hours and tested the mats for the effect of rapid freezing from 25º Celsius to minus 25º Celsius and rapid thawing after the freeze test. Conclusion: No change in measured mat integrity. Here’s a summary: We tested a total of 12 standard … Read more

Course 6 – Longevity

“How long do your mats last?”, is probably the most common question we get. We do know that that the mats last at least four years and probably a lot longer than that. That’s in wet/dry/wet/dry conditions with tired trucks with 90,000-100,000 lbs. and regular traffic. See videos and stills below. (Disclaimer: These mats were … Read more

Course 5 – Sustainability

Humanity’s impact on the natural world is coming under ever greater focus, and we welcome this shift in the business world. Profit can co-exist comfortably with people and the planet. That’s why we started our business and that was our first definition of “sustainability”, which has been one of our guiding principles. (There is a … Read more

Course 4 – Safety

Why did we make “Safety” the fourth course when Safety is Job Number One? Because, in respect to timber matting, safety is a function of Strength and Standardization. As one engineer put it, “Assuming equal applications of a material, stronger materials tend to produce stronger results. In general, greater strength is safer than lesser strength.” … Read more