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Inventory Solution

Multiple work starting soon, but don’t know exactly where? Problem: You’ve won the bid(s), but you don’t know when or where the work will start. Without mats you can’t start work and billing. General Solution: World Forest Group can place mats in inventory for you in a convenient location, say, Houston, and make available to

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Large Project?

Large project, multiple vendors, receiving a lot of variable quality mats? Problem: You have a large project; you’ll need multiple vendors. How can you assure yourself that you receive a similar mat from each vendor? General Solution: World Forest Group’s mats include specifications in excess of length/width/thickness dimension. In your product specification use World Forest

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Fixed Priced Solutions

Trying to meet long-term budget & reduce cash outflow risk? Problem: You have a long-term mat requirement, but spot mat pricing makes projecting cash requirements difficult without “padding” the budget or putting in a cushion. General Solution: World Forest Group can provide long-term, fixed-price mat solutions. Real World Problem: A contractor running an annual purchasing

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Affordable Mat?

Improved strength characteristics of eucalyptus over mixed hardwoods may allow you to use smaller, lighter, less expensive eucalyptus mats on your next project. World Forest Group timber mats have 43% more bending strength and 33% more shear strength than an equivalent thickness mixed hardwood mat.

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BOGO Solution

Don’t know exactly when you will need to replace mats because of uncertain attrition or lease/rental terms? World Forest Group Eucalyptus timber mats have 43% more bending strength and 33% more shear strength than an equivalent thickness mixed hardwood mat. Problem: You have an unknown attrition rate, or an unknown length of lease or rental

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Extended Terms

Are your customers pushing you on terms? Problem: Your customers are pushing on payment terms. Solution: Post a documentary letter of credit for your mat purchases. World Forest Group can provide you with up to six-month payment terms thereby satisfying your customer. Unintended Consequences: Safer transaction and reduced risk by protecting the buyer with two

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Laminated Replacement

Need an alternative to a laminated mat that doesn’t fall apart, but has the timber mat design and integrity you like and is similarly priced? Problem: Your laminated mats are expensive, and they fall apart fast. Solution: Use two World Forest Group custom timber mat 16’x6”x4’ to replace either 14’ or 16’ laminated mats…OR…contact us

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Need an alternative to a mixed hardwood mat that is more affordable and just as strong? Summary: Using a strength-adjusted mat you can increase quality and decrease cost. Save between $35-$80 per mat. For some 12”applications you may save 50%, substituting one 12” Eucalyptus for two mixed hardwood mats. Specific solution: Estimate the strength of