Eucalyptus: A Better Timber Mat

Stronger. Safer. Standardized. Sustainable.

Stronger & More Uniform Products

Our mats offer greater strength than USA hardwood mats at a competitive price. You may not need A Better Timber Mat but if you do, your Eucalyptus mat will be stronger, standardized and safer than a mixed hardwood mat.

Our timbers come from sustainably managed plantations in a limited geographical area, resulting in uniform products with reliable working characteristics.

Eucalyptus Mats Are:

  • Nominal sizes from 4″ thick to 12″ thick.
  • Lengths 14 feet to 18 feet
  • Widths 4 feet to 7 feet
  • More mats per truck.
  • Stronger.
  • 15-point QC production process

Key Mat Characteristics:

  • No-notch transmission mats.
  • Small notch pipeline mats.
  • Steel plates on ends for added strength and mat integrity
  • End-treated timbers
  • Square edges for added stability
  • No wane, no rot, no bark
  • 30-50% greater bending strength and shear than southern red oak
  • Four 1” cold-rolled steel thread rods with 25% greater strength than equivalent machined rod
  • Double nutted rods
  • USDA-approved phytosanitary treatment