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The Best Timber Mat
Is Also The Most Affordable

Stronger. Safer. Standardized. Sustainable.

Why Use Total Cost of Ownership?

There is a lot more to the cost of a timber mat than the initial purchase price. The main drivers of cost are Initial Purchase Price + Longevity + Transport Costs.

Secondary drivers are Placement Cost, Productivity loss/gain and Disposal. When we add up all these costs we get a “Total Cost of Ownership” or TCO.

TCO is what a mat really costs. The goal is: Have the lowest TCO.
Here’s how TCO adds up for Eucalyptus:


1. Initial purchase price is competitive with other mats +
2. Longer lifespan (a stronger mat lasts 50-100% longer than traditional mats) +
3. Lower transport costs (more mats per truck) +
4. Lower labor / handling costs + Greater/lesser operational efficiency (faster time through the job) + Lower disposal costs (longer life, fewer mats to retire).

These add up to a significantly lower Eucalyptus TCO than traditional timber mats, CLTs, and three-ply bolted mats.
If you want the best value, the only way to “price” it is through Total Cost of Ownership.

If you use TCO then you’ll find World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus mats are your best value.

The Disruptive Timber Mat

Stronger Timber Mat

Standardized Timber Mat

Safer Timber Mat

Sustainable Timber Mat

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