The Better Timber Mat Videos

Why choose Eucalyptus? Because it makes a Better Timber Mat. Stronger, Standardized, Safer, and Sustainable. 

Don’t believe us? Break down each pillar in under two minutes. Don’t have the time? Scroll down for a summary.

STRONGER: Made from sustainable Eucalyptus. It’s harder, with greater bending, shear, and compressive strength than oak alternatives. 

STANDARDIZED: Offers a consistent, quality product so that you know what you’re buying and what to expect from it. 

SAFER: Helps you rest easy knowing you can protect your employees, and keep your project moving forward without delay. Increased safety, decreased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). That’s how you think ahead.

SUSTAINABLE: Eucalyptus is fast-growing, stronger, and lighter. It’s a win–win: sustainability lowers your TCO and the global carbon footprint. 

The Better Timber Mat = No Brainer

Eucalyptus makes a Better Timber Mat.