6 inch Eucalyptus timber mats on truck

Eucalyptus timber mats are unusual for one reason – more mats per truck than you’d expect: Usually a stronger material means heavier. In the case of World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus timber mats, they are both stronger AND lighter. 

That means you don’t give up anything in durability and long life, but you save on freight. 

Example is the 16’x4’x6″ Eucalyptus mats above. New you’ll get 25 mats/truck. After 6 months you’ll get 30.

And these mats are as strong as most 8″ timber mats. Strength-Adjusted 

Let’s take that 6″ Eucalyptus timber mat and compare to an 8″ mixed hardwood mat.

Say your haul cost is $1800/truck. Mixed hardwood = 18 mats/truck. Cost = $100/mat. 

Similarly strong Eucalyptus 6″ timber mat is 25 mats/truck brand new, freight is $72/mat. After six months, freight is $60/mat. 

The first move you’ve pocketed $28/mat and the second move six months later, you’ve pocketed another $40/mat.  Total = $68/mat.

Moving short hauls, more frequently? More profit. 

How is this possible? It’s just a feature of the particular Eucalyptus species and great plantation growing conditions. In general, strength is directly related to wood weight. It’s a straight line relationship between strength on the X-axis and weight on the Y-axis. But, species fall above and below that line. This species + good growing conditions + precision manufacturing makes a stronger and lighter mat.

more Eucalyptus timber mats per truck