Field Test Videos

Eucalyptus’ superior strength can take the beating. Field test footage shows how Eucalyptus Timber Mats hold up against hundreds of drop and flip tests, freezing temperatures, knives, and heavy machinery. 

Impact and Weather Tests

See Eucalyptus mats dropped from 14 feet and flipped over 400 times. See Extreme Weather Testing results: Freezing and Thawing timber mats from -25C to +25C. 

Knife Tests

Slo-mo footage of Eucalyptus Mat vs. Knife — not a splinter out of place. 

CAT Tests

How can you expect Eucalyptus mats to respond to your heavy machinery? Watch footage of a CAT Crawler and 365C twist and turn on our first generation mats. Our fourth generation mats are even better. 

Remanufactured Mat Tests

We retired some 6.5 year-old 8” timber mats. Rather than send them to composting, here’s what we did with them.

  1. Trimmed to length
  2. Planed the surface.
  3. Drilled new bolt holes.
  4. Added end sealant and plates. 

Bingo! A remanufactured mat. 

Then we flipped the mat 700 times. For a 6.5 year old mat it did really well. Two of the 6 blocks fractured, but the mat held together, just fine.