Carbon Neutral Timber Mats

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Meet Your Sustainability Goals

World Forest Group timber mats are carbon neutral.

Step 1: Reduce production and distribution emissions as much as possible, 

Step 2: Offset any remaining emissions with high quality carbon credits.

5 Inch Stacked Mats

Eucalyptus Timber Mats - Cost Effective, Carbon-Neutral, Sustainable

Why Eucalyptus?

World Forest’s Timber Mats are made from plantation-grown Eucalyptus trees, which have a rapid growth rate of up to five times faster than USA hardwoods

Eucalyptus Is Strong

Because it’s strong, it lasts longer. A thinner Eucalyptus mat can often replace a thicker mixed hardwood, reducing emissions.


Carbon Neutral

Anytime we cannot reduce supply chain emissions, we offset with high quality carbon credits.


What Customers Say About Eucalyptus Timber Mats

“Compared with mixed hardwoods – actually a stronger mat; you should not be concerned with performance. The quality of construction: Eucalyptus mats have solid construction, square timbers, bolted well, no wane and bark, more wood. When you get mixed hardwood it’s all sorts of different size timbers.

They hold up just as well if not better….higher quality mat from beginning. Perform just as well if not better…been thoroughly pleased.”

– Project Manager. National Construction Firm, Wind Division


“World Forest Group is a very trustworthy supplier, a really positive whole organization. Am impressed with quality and price that you sell. Very pleased with your service especially in the difficult conditions in which we work.”

– Senior Regional VP, Heavy Lift Company