Sometimes a standard mat just won’t work. You can order a custom design or custom order for strong, uniformly manufactured mats. Eucalyptus is 40% stronger than mixed hardwoods so you may be able to use a thinner Eucalyptus mat for a thicker mixed hardwood mat.* 

Here are two mats that customer requested. The first is a half mat for “dunnage” – storing components off the ground. The other is a custom outrigger crane mat pad for very heavy lifts. 

*For example, a 10″ Eucalyptus mat has same bending strength as a 12″ mixed hardwood. Or, if a 12″ mixed hardwood won’t work, a 12″ Eucalyptus will give you equivalent mixed hardwood thickness of about 14.5″.

Note the straps for pulling mats out of close quarters.