Timber Mat Brochures

Stronger. Safer. Standardized. Sustainable.


  • Standardized product: Eucalyptus is consistent in strength and working characteristics because it is a single, genetically improved species grown in large plantations.
  • No seasonal supply disruptions; access to forests all year round.
  • Long-term log supply for a long-term supply of mats
  • Eucalyptus is currently grown in over 90 countries and is spread over more than 22 million hectares worldwide.

Timber Mat: 16’x4’x6″

Timber Mat: 16’x4’x8″

Timber Mat: 16’x4’x12″

Timber Mat: 18’x4’x8″

Timber Mat: 14’x4’x4″

Timber Mat: 16’x4’x5″