Better Sleep through Better Mats?

Eucalyptus timber mats

To make the right decision on a thinner mat look at two things: Material strength and Total Cost of Ownership. The two are related because material strength is a good predictor of mat life and mat life is the biggest component and predictor of your Total Cost of Ownership.

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Ground Protection: Eucalyptus Timber Mats by World Forest Group

World Forest Timber Mats

Low impact, cost effective timber mats that meet decarbonization goals through superior strength, standardization, safety, sustainability, and carbon offsets HOUSTON, Oct. 12, 2021 – World Forest Group (WFG) announced that as of August 1, 2021 all of its environmentally friendly, completely renewable Eucalyptus timber, crane, and access mats are now carbon neutral. Used to protect … Read more

Timber Mats: Did You Lose Millions Last Year ?

Stacked Timber Mats

Summary: Buying mats are expensive. The industry has changed over the last 30 years as a result of decreasing forest quality. Mats vary in raw material strength and manufacturing quality. Using Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to evaluate mat purchasing is a useful tool to determine the lowest cost of ownership. Results can be surprising. Turns … Read more

How to Destroy a Eucalyptus Mat

Destroyed Timber Mat

Summary We almost figured out how to destroy World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus timber mats. Start with mats that have been scraped and flipped 250 times, and dropped three times for product testing, then subject the same mats to 8000+ trips, five moves, and 565 million pounds of traffic over the course of a year. We … Read more

Why Power Line and Renewables Users are Turning to Eucalyptus Mats

Eucalyptus timber mats ROW

Introduction Some years ago, a large EPC asked us, “Can you make us a Eucalyptus timber mat that can replace our mixed hardwood and CLTs? They just don’t last longer than 6-12 months.” You might be facing the same problems and seeking alternative matting solutions which balance price, lifespan, and sustainability.* Contractors and EPCs have … Read more

Solar Power World Features #ABetterTimberMat

Stacked Timber Mats

“What differentiates solar EPCs from each other is execution on the ground rather than access to solar hardware. They control what they can. That means getting people and resources in and out quickly, safely and executing efficiently. With matting, solar EPCs have a competitive advantage instead of being left with risk and possible cost overruns … Read more