Course 6 – Longevity

“How long do your mats last?”, is probably the most common question people ask about Eucalyptus. We do know that that the mats last at least four years and probably a lot longer than that. That’s in wet/dry/wet/dry conditions with tired trucks and tracked vehicles with 90,000-100,000 lbs. and regular traffic. See videos and stills … Read more

Course 5 – Sustainability

Humanity’s impact on the natural world is coming under ever greater focus, and we welcome this shift in the business world. Profit can co-exist comfortably with people and the planet. That’s why we started our business and that was our first definition of “sustainability”, which has been one of our guiding principles. (There is a … Read more

Course 4 – Safety

Why did we make “Safety” the fourth course when Safety is Job Number One? Because, in respect to timber matting, safety is a function of Strength and Standardization. As one engineer put it, “Assuming equal applications of a material, stronger materials tend to produce stronger results. In general, greater strength is safer than lesser strength.” … Read more

Course 3 – Standardization

(This course is a bit longer than normal. Bear with us please; it’s important.) Standardization is the secret sauce that allows us to purchase goods and services with a high level of comfort. Standardization allows us to forget about the details every time we use a good or service and get on with our lives. … Read more

Course 2 – Strength

Eucalyptus is significantly stronger than oaks and mixed hardwoods in measurements of bending strength, shear, hardness and related measurements. Wood Bending(psi) Shear(psi) Compression(psi) Eucalyptus 2000 265 970 Mixed hardwoods 1400 200 750 Sources: Mobile Crane Support Handbook, 2nd edition. David Duerr. For more detail see: Field Applications: Consider specifying mat strength rather than … Read more

Course 1 – Eucalyptus Species

There are hundreds of Eucalyptus species, which are now native to Australia. Eucalyptus is a hardwood and is grown worldwide in plantations for lumber, pulp products and firewood. Many species have been researched intensively and have substantially improved genetic stock. It’s the most planted tree worldwide with about 50 million acres planted across the globe … Read more

Intro to Eucalyptus University

Welcome to Eucalyptus University! We’ll be publishing a series on Eucalyptus timber mat essentials called Eucalyptus University. Each post will be short and to the point. Format & Curriculum Format: Summary of the course in one or two short paragraphs. Backup information in summary format with links to more detailed information. Field applications. Link to … Read more