Why Should We Care? Common Mat Defects, Why They Matter, and What They Mean to You

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Summary: Timber mats work because the timbers accept and spread the load of heavy machinery onto the underlying ground. If timbers aren’t sound – if they contain defects – or if there isn’t wood where there should be, then the timber mats can’t do their job. Common mat defects include wane*, bark, voids, splits, and … Read more

A Better Timber Mat

Eucalyptus Timber Mat Stacked

Summary: A Better Timber Mat: Same mat design, better materials.* Eucalyptus may not be the “best” hardwood timber mat in the world but, but it’s a better timber mat than is usually available. It’s “A better timber mat” because it’s the same mat design with better materials. And, it’s carbon neutral, too. What are better … Read more

Do Standards and Standardization Matter in a Hardwood Timber Mat?

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Summary: We should care about standards because clear standards increase reliability, decrease cost, increase safety, and make our lives easier. What’s a Standard?: Standard is defined as “something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example.” Standardization means, “to bring to or make of an established standard size, weight, quality, strength, … Read more

Taking the Measure of Wood: How to determine who’s the strongest?

Design Values For Wood Construction - NDS Supplement

Summary: All things being equal, stronger materials tend to produce stronger results. Plantation eucalyptus is stronger than domestic USA hardwoods. Why is stronger better? All things being equal, stronger materials tend to produce stronger results. Strong timbers come from strong species. All things being equal – and you should check this with your own engineers … Read more

Just in Time for the Holidays…

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A Better Timber Mat: Stronger. Standardized. Safer. As a reminder, our full size mats: · Greater PSI capacity · 20% lighter (18’ mat); 15% lighter (16’ mat) · 35%+ stronger · Bolts that meet or exceed ASTM F1554 · US Government approved phytosanitary treatment · 3-5 more mats/truck (18’ mat); 2-4 more mats/truck (16’ mat) … Read more

Safety and A Better Timber Mat

Stacked Timber Mats In The Yard

Summary: Can our mats and the Golden Rule contribute to a safer working environment on your job? How might Eucalyptus mats contribute to a safer work environment on your job? How can using the Golden Rule – treating customers, employees, and vendors exactly how we would want to be treated – apply to safety? There’s … Read more