The Ideal…and The Real

The Ideal Vs Real Timber Mat

Summary: The reality of timber mats comes up short against the ideal. What we receive on the truck is often not what we expect. World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus mats can help keep you from being disappointed. It’s the same mat. Better Materials. The reality of the timber mat business is that highly variable raw materials … Read more

What You See is What You Get

Digital Image Of Eucalyptus Mat Vs Hardwood

Summary: Back in the early days of computers the buzzword was WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. What you see on our website is what you’ll get in the field. Same mat. Better Materials. Standardization matters: You can always expect to receive delivery of the same, reliable, one-species, better timber mat, each … Read more

Eucalyptus Solutions for the Heavy Lift Industry

Crane On Timber Mats

Summary: Heavy lift customers may be able to save up to 40% on matting costs by using a stronger wood material (eucalyptus) and by segmenting mat requirements into heavy lift and walking mats. Problem: Some heavy lift customers have voiced concerns to us about 12” mat costs rising, while availability and quality are decreasing.   Solution: For … Read more

Earth Day and Low Carbon Mats!

Eucalyptus Mats In A Row

Summary: Eucalyptus mats can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help support the maintenance of United States hardwood forests and biodiversity. In recognition of Earth Day’s 49th birthday we wanted to write about how plantation grown eucalyptus mats can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help support the maintenance of United States hardwood forests and … Read more

What’s My Total Cost of Ownership for Eucalyptus Mats?

5 Inch Stacked Mats

Summary: Mat users are concerned about price, cost of transport, and quality and longevity of mats. Creating a solution that works for you also creates a lower Total Cost of Ownership.* Conversations with customers have shown that mat users are concerned about three things: Initial purchase price Cost of moving mats to and between jobs … Read more

12″ Timber Crane Mats Available!

Stacked Timber Mats In The Yard

Summary: 12 inch Eucalyptus timber mats. Available in 14′, 16′, 18′ lengths. Four foot wide. Carbon neutral. Same stringent specifications: New, solid Eucalyptus timber mats in 12″ thickness. No rot. Square timbers. End sealed. Metal end plates. No wane. Customized notch to client specification. Shameless advertising plug: Do you have heavy lift conditions? Are you … Read more