Summary: 12 inch Eucalyptus timber mats. Available in 14′, 16′, 18′ lengths. Four foot wide. Carbon neutral.

Same stringent specifications:

  • New, solid Eucalyptus timber mats in 12″ thickness.
  • No rot.
  • Square timbers.
  • End sealed.
  • Metal end plates.
  • No wane.
  • Customized notch to client specification.


New 16’x12″x4′ Eucalyptus Timber Mats next to our 8″ mats

Shameless advertising plug:

Do you have heavy lift conditions?

Are you looking for an environmentally advantageous product which is stronger, standardized, and safer?

Consider A Better Timber Mat.

Engineer letter available upon request.

Special note to lighter crane users: Contact us for those jobs where you need more than an 8″ mat and don’t need a 12″ mat. We may have a solution that could save you significant money.