Summary: Using a strength-adjusted mat you can increase quality and decrease cost. Save between $200-$1200 per mat. For some 12” applications you may save 50%, substituting one 12” Eucalyptus for two mixed hardwood mats.

Figure 1 – Eucalyptus mat sizes. 6″, 6.75″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ square blocks

Specific solution:

  1. Estimate the strength of mat you really need. Often, bending strength (Fb) will be most important factor, followed by shear (Fv). Eucalyptus is 43% stronger in bending strength and 32% stronger in shear than oak or mixed hardwoods.
  2. Consider the following ideas to compare your options:

Transmission work: Rubber tired vehicles generally demand less of a mat. Depending on the terrain and job specifications you may be able to use a 4″ or 5″ Eucalyptus timber mat to a) replace a thicker mixed hardwood timber mat, or b) use two, 4″ Eucalyptus mats to replace lams. The Total Cost of Ownership savings is staggering. Ask for a no-obligation TCO analysis