Need an alternative to a mixed hardwood mat that is more affordable and just as strong? Using a strength-adjusted mat you can increase quality and decrease cost.

Don’t know exactly when you will need to replace mats because of uncertain attrition or lease/rental terms?  

Talk with us about our BOGO contracts.

Trying to meet long-term budget & reduce cash outflow risk

Try our fixed-price solutions.

Multiple work starting soon, but don’t know exactly where?

Consider a just-in-time alternative.

Need an affordable mat but don’t want to sacrifice design, longevity, or safety?

Choose A Better Timber mat which is equivalent in working characteristics to mixed hardwoods but custom-made for your unique job.

Need an alternative to a laminated mat that doesn’t fall apart, but has the timber mat design and integrity you like and is similarly priced?

Talk to us. You’ll be surprised.

Are your customers pushing you on terms?

Ask about a terms solution.

Large project, multiple vendors, receiving a lot of variable quality mats?

Design your project specifications using tolerances from A Better Timber Mat standards.

Same Mat. Better Materials. Stronger. Standardized. Safer. Sustainable.

Stronger. Standardized. Safer.


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