Large project, multiple vendors, receiving a lot of variable quality mats?

Problem: You have a large project; you’ll need multiple vendors. How can you assure yourself that you receive a similar mat from each vendor?

General Solution: World Forest Group’s mats include specifications in excess of length/width/thickness dimension. In your product specification use World Forest Group’s mat specifications modified for your real-world situation.

Real World Problem: A large project owner needs to use multiple vendors to assure mat supply and on-time completion. However, mat quality and species varies significantly between vendors and geographic fiber supply.

Real World Solution: Project owner specifies not only dimension, for example, 18’x8”x4’ mats, but – to the extent possible – other specifications taken from World Forest Group’s standard mat guarantee.

  1. Single Eucalyptus species.
  2. End sealant.
  3. End caps.
  4. Substantially no wane.
  5. No rot, no bark.
  6. Square edges.
  7. ASTM F1554 or better bolts.
  8. Plantation sourced sustainable supply.
  9. Bug treatment compliant with Federal USDA regulations.
  10. Quality Control Bar Code

Unintended Consequences:

  1. A single Eucalyptus species reduces quality risk. Most North American producers can’t guarantee a single species, but project owners can specify species to avoid(e.g.light weight species) as well as to favor (e.g.,oak)
  2. Square edges means that the project owner gets more fiber in their mat, contributing to a more reliable, better, safer, and lower-cost operating environment.
  3. Bug treatment prior to shipping reduces project regulatory risk.