Need an alternative to a laminated mat that doesn’t fall apart, but has the timber mat design and integrity you like and is similarly priced?

Problem: Your laminated mats are expensive, and they fall apart fast.

Solution: Use two World Forest Group custom timber mat 16’x6”x4’ to replace either 14’ or 16’ laminated mats…OR…contact us about our new custom access mat solution!

Figure 1 – Consider using two eucalyptus timber mats to replace a single laminated mat

Specific solution:

  1. Laminated mats are effective in covering a large amount of surface area.
  2. They don’t last, especially in moist conditions.
  3. Mats delaminate causing safety and disposal issues early in the job.
  4. Consider our 16’x6”x4’ solid timber mat. Same timber mat you’ve always liked. Better materials. Adapted for jobs that need robust but affordable coverage.
  5. You’ll purchase two of our mats instead of one laminated mat.
  6. Because our mats are lighter than an 8” timber mat your delivered mat cost will be competitive with or cheaper than a laminated mat.
  7. Because our mats are stronger, you’ll enjoy a much longer lifespan and a significantly lower total cost of ownership.
  8. World Forest Group’s 16’x6”x4’ mats are extremely close to nominal size. Laminated mats are smaller.