Multiple work starting soon, but don’t know exactly where?

Problem: You’ve won the bid(s), but you don’t know when or where the work will start. Without mats you can’t start work and billing.

General Solution: World Forest Group can place mats in inventory for you in a convenient location, say, Houston, and make available to you as work starts.

Real World Problem: A heavy lift company needed both 12-inch mats and 8-inch “walking mats” in areas ranging from Houston to the Midwest. The combination of COVID delays and regular seasonality meant that they didn’t know exactly when and where which jobs would start, though they have the work.

Real World Solution: We crafted a solution whereby we ship mats to Houston, charge Cost of Goods Delivered, and receive our profit when the mats are shipped. The customer has 90 days to move the mats from storage to their job sites.

Unintended Consequences:

  1. A Better Timber Mat is already lighter than mixed hardwood mats. Modest drying over a 60-90 day period means that the customer gets an additional one to two mats/truck, reducing a typical Midwest truck delivery by about $4.50/mat to $8.50/mat.
  2. By purchasing mats now customer has locked in mat pricing and avoided spot market surcharges.
  3. Customer has improved cash flow.