TCO Examples

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How to Use Total Cost of Ownership

“Our experience of WFG’s mats is one of superior quality and longevity when measured against comparable sized mixed hardwood mats. These benefits have provided us with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared mixed hardwood mats.” Major EPC Customer.

Summary table and examples below. 

  1. 18’x4’x8″ pipeline mat. (Eucalyptus and mixed hardwoods compared)
  2. Transmission access alternatives. (14’x4’x4″ – two mats – compared with 14’x8’x4.125″ three ply mats.)* 
  3. 18’x4’x8″ Eucalyptus timber mat for heavy lift crane walking compared with 18’x4’x12″ mixed hardwood mat**

Important note

  1. Each TCO analysis will be different depending on ground conditions (which dictate which thickness Eucalyptus you may need), the equipment you are using, and handling routines. 
  2. Market conditions change rapidly. These numbers are best estimates for sites near ocean ports. Inland sites may have higher Eucalyptus purchase price so TCO Savings will drop.
* A 4″ Eucalyptus timber mat displays roughly the same bending strength as a five-ply 6.875″ laminated mat.
** Some heavy lift crane companies and EPC have found that the 8″ Eucalyptus mat is sufficient to walk cranes out to sites instead of a more expensive 12″ mixed hardwood mat. 

Pipeline Illustration: 8" Eucalyptus replaces 8" Oak

Access Mat Illustration: Two 4' Eucalyptus mats replace one 3-ply Access Mat

Heavy Crane Walking Mat: One 8" Eucalyptus replaces one 12" Oak