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The Ideal...and The Real

Updated: Jan 7

Summary: The reality of timber mats comes up short against the ideal. What we receive on the truck is often not what we expect. World Forest Group's Eucalyptus mats can help keep you from being disappointed. It's the same mat. Better Materials.

The reality of the timber mat business is that highly variable raw materials dictate the quality of timber mats.

With plantation grown Eucalyptus the quality is uniform.

That's why we can provide a guarantee for our mats.

That's why we say the mats are standardized.

That's why we can say the mats are stronger.

That's why we can say the mats are safer.

That's why we can say the mats are sustainable.

World Forest Group's actual mats exactly match the ideal mat.

Every mat is the same. Stronger. Standardized. Safer. Sustainable.

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