world forest group


Mat quality is decreasing, mats don't last, mats aren't as safe as they used to be. 



  1. We will treat you with courtesy and integrity.

  2. We will never sell you a mat you don't need; we will never sell you an inferior mat.

  3. We will deliver on time and on quality.


World Forest Group backs our Eucalyptus mats with the following 10-point Guarantee: ​


  1. Single Eucalyptus species.

  2. End sealant.

  3. End caps.

  4. Substantially no wane.

  5. No rot, no bark.

  6. Square edges.

  7. ASTM F1554 or better bolts.

  8. Plantation sourced sustainable supply.

  9. Bug treatment compliant with Federal USDA regulations.

  10. Quality Control Bar Code


We Guarantee Every Standardized Mat.



"I have handled literally every type of timber mat from the hardwoods to the pines, and as well as well as different vendors mats such as Yak Mat, Thomasson, Empire, and Sterling. (All very decent mats)


I first came to encounter the eucalyptus mats from you guys a year ago. 


I just want to express they are the best timber mat I have ever experienced. They handle fantastic with a front end loader. They are super easy to coordinate if laying a pad. They go on a truck with superior ease, and they hold up significantly to the outdoor elements.


I graded out 300 A grade eucalyptus mats 10 months ago. I shipped them to a project yesterday, and the integrity they possessed 10 months ago was still there.


I just wanted to share my experience with you about your product."

- Operator, Major Mat Supplier

- Senior Regional VP Heavy Lift Company