Timber Mats

Made from Eucalyptus
Stronger. Safer. Standardized. Sustainable.

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Show me how to use a long-lasting mat that’s strong enough for the job but doesn’t cost me extra freight.

Show me how to maintain the highest safety standards and reduce my risk and cost.

Show me how I can have a mat fleet that lasts under the toughest heavy lift conditions as well as light duty solar.

Show me how to get more bang for my matting dollars and keep my workplace safe.

Why Use World Forest Group Eucalyptus Mats

All World Forest Group timber mats are carbon neutral. After we reduce our production and distribution emissions as much as possible, we offset any remaining emissions with high quality carbon credits.

Eucalyptus mats offer greater strength than USA hardwood mats at a competitive price. You may not need A Better Timber Mat but if you do, these Eucalyptus mat are stronger,  more uniform and safer than a mixed hardwood mat. 

All World Forest Group Eucalyptus mats come with a 10-point Manufacturing Guarantee to ensure you receive a quality product  every time.  See your guarantee here.

Eucalyptus Mats. Guaranteed.

"I have handled literally every type of timber mat from the hardwoods to the pines, and as well as well as different vendors mats such as Yak Mat, Thomasson, Empire, and Sterling. (All very decent mats)

I first came to encounter the eucalyptus mats from you guys a year ago.

I just want to express they are the best timber mat I have ever experienced. They handle fantastic with a front end loader. They are super easy to coordinate if laying a pad. They go on a truck with superior ease, and they hold up significantly to the outdoor elements.

I graded out 300 A grade eucalyptus mats 10 months ago. I shipped them to a project yesterday, and the integrity they possessed 10 months ago was still there.

I just wanted to share my experience with you about your product."

- Operator, Major Mat Supplier
World Forest Group is a very trustworthy supplier, a really positive whole organization. Am impressed with quality and price that you sell. Very pleased with your service especially in the difficult conditions in which we work."
- Senior Regional VP Heavy Lift Company
"Good looking product. Thank you for allowing me a look!"
- National Contractor
"Ran a CAT D7 dozer with grousers on the mats for 30 minutes. The eucalyptus mats didn’t scuff at all."
- Pipeliner, 20+ years experience


World Forest Timber Mats

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Ground Protection: Eucalyptus Timber Mats by World Forest Group

Low impact, cost effective timber mats that meet decarbonization goals through superior strength, standardization, safety, sustainability, and carbon offsets HOUSTON, Oct. 12, 2021 – World Forest Group (WFG) announced that as of August 1, 2021 all of its environmentally friendly, completely renewable Eucalyptus timber, crane, and access mats are now carbon neutral. Used to protect

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How to Destroy a Eucalyptus Mat

Summary We almost figured out how to destroy World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus timber mats. Start with mats that have been scraped and flipped 250 times, and dropped three times for product testing, then subject the same mats to 8000+ trips, five moves, and 565 million pounds of traffic over the course of a year. We

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Why Power Line and Renewables Users are Turning to Eucalyptus Mats

Introduction Some years ago, a large EPC asked us, “Can you make us a Eucalyptus timber mat that can replace our mixed hardwood and CLTs? They just don’t last longer than 6-12 months.” You might be facing the same problems and seeking alternative matting solutions which balance price, lifespan, and sustainability.* Contractors and EPCs have

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