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Productivity, Safety, and Profit - The Shared Drivers of Mat Use Across Industries:

Irrespective of industry, stronger materials + better manufacturing + less defects = lower cost, decreased downtime, and increased productivity. Eucalyptus timber mats are a proven solution, whatever industry you are in.

Mat use is divided into various sectors such as oil field, pipeline, transmission, wind, solar, and heavy civil. These sectors have adopted mats for different reasons over time.

The oil field, pipeline, and transmission sectors were early adopters, using mats to achieve productivity gains and reduce downtime when moving heavy equipment. These sectors have successfully utilized mats for decades.

More recent adopters like wind and solar use mats for different purposes – wind for safety in heavy lifts and crane walking, and solar often for ground protection rather than productivity.

While each sector views matting a bit differently, they share a common goal of reducing costs and downtime while increasing productivity and profitability. All sectors aim to leverage mats to minimize costs and downtime while maximizing productivity and profits.

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