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  • Did you lose thousands (or millions) last year in matting by not asking this question?

    The question is: “What’s the performance spec?” Most users specify size, not a performance requirement. That’s costing you money. That might have worked 30 years ago when mats were made of one species, were true to size, and had no defects. It doesn’t work now: Most mats are made of many different species, they're thinner than advertised, and defects abound. Which mats below would you choose? These 8” mats? Or these 5” mats? It depends! The performance specifications for a 48” pipeline with large pipelayers is different than the performance specifications for a transmission job with pile drivers and pickups. A 48” pipeline might need an 8” Eucalyptus mat. A transmission line can almost surely use a 5” or 6” Eucalyptus mat depending on soil conditions. The difference between the 8” mat and the 5” or 6” mat is huge. You’ll save on initial purchase price, continuing lower trucking costs, and, if it’s Eucalyptus, the mat will last longer than mixed hardwood saving you replacement cost. (The three combined means a much lower total cost of ownership. ) You can see the rough equivalency of Eucalyptus vs. mixed hardwoods. If you are buying 8” mixed hardwoods these days many of your mats are sub 7.5”; a 6” Eucalyptus mat should save you a lot of money. A 5" mat might work just fine, too. There’s a place for almost every kind of mat made. Knowing mat strength combined with performance requirements allows you to save money. Even if you never buy one of our Eucalyptus mats (stronger, standardized, safer, and sustainable) remember to ask, “What’s the performance specifications” If you ask for performance requirements, you’ll save yourself a ton of money because you’ll be able to match the performance requirement with the best mat for the job. (DISCLAIMER: Ground and use conditions vary by site. Check with your engineers before you make a purchasing decision.)

  • How to Destroy a Eucalyptus Mat

    Summary We almost figured out how to destroy World Forest Group’s Eucalyptus timber mats. Start with mats that have been scraped and flipped 250 times, and dropped three times for product testing, then subject the same mats to 8000+ trips, five moves, and 565 million pounds of traffic over the course of a year. We tried, but we couldn’t destroy those mats. Here’s the bottom line in photos. Figure 1 - 16’x7’x6” mat post one-year field testing Figure 2 - Same mat size as above, after 250 scrape & flips and three drop tests followed by one-year field testing. This test mat exhibited the worst damage. Figure 3 - 18'x4'x8" pipeline mat after one-year field-testing regime Background & Initial Testing About 18 months ago, a customer, Todd (Thanks, Todd!), asked us to design and manufacture an access mat alternative –16’x7’x6” and 8” thicknesses. We tested both of those mats (aka “E7M6” or “E7M8”) for Todd’s use – street legal USA concrete trucks on farmland soils. The goal was: To test the mats to make sure they’d suit the purpose, and To achieve Todd’s goal of 300 concrete truck passes on the 6” mats before they became unusable. Todd’s crew is particularly tough on mats, especially using front end loaders with forks to pick up and drop their mats. We geared our testing to Todd’s crew: Scraping the mat across the ground, picking it up and flipping it down. If the new Eucalyptus mat product passed our first round of tests, we’d send out the mats for field testing. That’s what happened with the E7M 6” and 8” mats we tested. Each mat went through a scrape and flip test 250 times. Longer testing video here. Then we dropped each mat from about 15 feet three times. We used this testing regime and extent for two reasons: The testing regime approximated the customer's expected ("brutal") mat handling, and We tried to estimate handling use that would be approximately 10x the normal handling use a mat might get in the field. (250 scrape / flips was our best estimate at 10x at the time. For subsequent testing we increased the number to 600 scrape /flips.) 11 Months Field Testing For field testing, a neighboring concrete plant put our mats in front of their poor quality soils entrance. Over a year, those mats supported 8000+ trips and about 565 million pounds of traffic. Maximum load was about 99,000 pounds concrete truck. Minimum load was about 29,000 pounds. Majority of loads were concrete trucks. The mats are still going strong after roughly 30 trips/day for almost a year and having been moved, cleaned, and measured five times. Figure 4 - Day One. July 7, 2020. As expected, the worse results occurred on the mat that we had dropped multiple times and flipped and scraped 250 times. In that mat (Figure 2, above) you can see some damage on the first timber, some of which occurred from the bucket lifting the mat after the fifth move. You can watch a short video below to hear the quality of the mat dropping on timbers for both the E7M6 and the standard Eucalyptus pipeline mat. New, Thinner Mats We know our customers like our Eucalyptus mats. Special thanks to John for pushing us to make a thinner 5” and 4” mat. Shameless plug: Those mats survived 600 scrape / flip tests and then were dropped from about 15 feet. Figure 5 - Our new 5" Eucalyptus mat, here in 14' length Watch a video on scrape / flip / drop below. We wrote a complete white paper with methodology, data points, more photos and commentary. Use the button below to request our full White Paper.

  • Why Power Line and Renewables Users are Turning to Eucalyptus Mats

    Introduction Some years ago, a large EPC asked us, “Can you make us a Eucalyptus timber mat that can replace our mixed hardwood and CLTs? They just don’t last longer than 6-12 months.” You might be facing the same problems and seeking alternative matting solutions which balance price, lifespan, and sustainability.* Contractors and EPCs have reported concerns including: CLTs last as little as 6-12 months, driving up total cost of ownership. Mixed hardwood mats are heavy, of uncertain quality, and costly to move, which drives up carbon footprint. Purchase price is just one component; using a total cost of ownership approach incorporating mat longevity and transport costs “is the only way to establish true mat cost”. Is there a solution? Yes. Determine ground protection/equipment requirements, and Evaluate alternatives using a total cost of ownership** analysis to determine best matting alternatives. Plantation grown Eucalyptus mats from World Forest Group is lighter, stronger, has lower total cost of ownership than mixed hardwood, CLT, and bolted mats, and comes from sustainable plantations. Learn more about Total Cost of Ownership Because it’s lighter and stronger, a thinner Eucalyptus mat may be successfully used where a thicker mixed hardwood mat might be required. Eucalyptus can also be a much more affordable alternative where users specify a 3-ply, 5-ply or 7-ply CLT. Table 1 - From Duerr, Mobile Crane Support Handbook. 2019. P. 115 Eucalyptus is 30-40% stronger than mixed hardwoods. We add standardized manufacturing to the superior raw material and we guarantee a quality product with no wane, no bark, end plates, etc. Consequently, our Eucalyptus mat has the lowest total cost of ownership of any mat on the market. Here’s how one user talked about Eucalyptus mats: I have handled literally every type of timber mat from the hardwoods to the pines. [Eucalyptus] is the best timber mat I have ever experienced. They handle fantastic with a front-end loader. They are super easy to coordinate if laying a pad. They go on a truck with superior ease, and they hold up significantly to the outdoor elements. I graded out 300 A grade eucalyptus mats 10 months ago. I shipped them to a project yesterday, and the integrity they possessed 10 months ago was still there. Figure 2 - Our 5 inch mat. Standardized manufacturing means higher reliability, greater safety and better results. Contact World Forest Group to receive suggestions on how to reduce your matting cost andnd improve safety, sustainability, and operational performance. And, stay tuned for Part II - Case Studies ______ *2020-2021 saw three major developments in the ground protection world: 1. The rise in powerline and renewable projects in relation to mega-pipeline projects. 2. Large increases in the price of softwood lumber, and subsequent increasing CLT prices. 3. Growing concerns about carbon footprint at the owner and EPC level. **Total cost of ownership is the sum of purchase price plus total cost of transport plus cost of replacement.

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  • E7M | WorldForestGroup

    E7M A Cost Effective Access Mat Option QUICK FACTS HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? Solid Timber. 14' or 16 ' x 7' x 6" Eucalyptus mat. INTRODUCTORY PRICING: Call for details. GUARANTEE: We back our E7M mats with our 10-point Guarantee . VIDEO INTRODUCTION Introductions, Flip Test, Drop Test, Deflection Test, Freeze Test PROBLEM. PRODUCT. SOLUTION. PROBLEM: Access mats don't last. PRODUCT: E7M. 16 ' x 7' solid timber construction Eucalyptus mats. SOLUTION: E7M is a lower cost solution to access matting challenges. EARLY REVIEWERS Very impressive. Priced right. - Major Mat Wholesaler. Senior Executive. ​ Impressed. Great substitute for two, standard timber mats or for three-ply bolted mats. - Nationwide Mat Wholesaler. ​ We expect this mat to save us tens of thousands of dollars per job. - Senior Project Executive. Nationwide EPC. ​ Awesome drop test...Flipping the mats is the best way to test mat integrity. - Inventory Superintendent. PHOTO GALLERY Out of gallery ADDITIONAL RESOURCES E7M Mat 3D Model Click to view > E7M Brochure Click to view > Out of gallery CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US / REQUEST A QUOTE

  • Eucalyptus Timber Mats | World Forest Group LLC

    Top of Page Guarantee Testimonials PROBLEM Mat quality is decreasing, mats don't last, mats aren't as safe as they used to be. DISCOVER SOLUTIONS TESTIMONIALS WE PROMISE YOU: We will treat you with courtesy and integrity. We will never sell you a mat you don't need; we will never sell you an inferior mat. We will deliver on time and on quality. REQUEST A QUOTE OUR GUARANTEE World Forest Group backs our Eucalyptus mats with the following 10-point Guarantee: ​ Single Eucalyptus species. End sealant. End caps. Substantially no wane. No rot, no bark. Square edges. ASTM F1554 or better bolts. Plantation sourced sustainable supply. Bug treatment compliant with Federal USDA regulations. Quality Control Bar Code REQUEST A QUOTE We Guarantee Every Standardized Mat. Testimonials " I have handled literally every type of timber mat from the hardwoods to the pines, and as well as well as different vendors mats such as Yak Mat, Thomasson, Empire, and Sterling. (All very decent mats) I first came to encounter the eucalyptus mats from you guys a year ago. I just want to express they are the best timber mat I have ever experienced. They handle fantastic with a front end loader. They are super easy to coordinate if laying a pad. They go on a truck with superior ease, and they hold up significantly to the outdoor elements. I graded out 300 A grade eucalyptus mats 10 months ago. I shipped them to a project yesterday, and the integrity they possessed 10 months ago was still there. I just wanted to share my experience with you about your product." - Operator, Major Mat Supplier - Senior Regional VP Heavy Lift Company RECENT ARTICLES How to Destroy a Eucalyptus Mat 60 Write a comment Why Power Line and Renewables Users are Turning to Eucalyptus Mats 17 Solar Power World Features #ABetterTimberMat 40 Write a comment EXPLORE ALL

  • White Papers | World Forest Group LLC | A Better Timber Mat


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