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  • Solar Power World Features #ABetterTimberMat

    "What differentiates solar EPCs from each other is execution on the ground rather than access to solar hardware. They control what they can. That means getting people and resources in and out quickly, safely and executing efficiently. With matting, solar EPCs have a competitive advantage instead of being left with risk and possible cost overruns instead of project efficiencies." - Have you considered timber mats on your large-scale solar project? December 29, 2020. Solar Power World For the full article, please click on the link

  • Profits with Eucalyptus Timber Mats!

    Summary: Charlie considers his options for improving company profits using Eucalyptus timber mats. Original video at YouTube. Contact us if you are interested in getting a financial analysis of Eucalyptus timber mats vs. whatever mat you'd like to compare.


    Summary: We popped our Eucalyptus timber mats into a refrigerated container for 60 hours and tested the mats for the effect of rapid freezing from 25º Celsius to minus 25º Celsius and rapid thawing after the freeze test. Conclusion: No change in measured mat integrity. Here’s a summary: We tested a total of 12 standard 18’x8”x4’ mats. Six of the 4’ mats were soaked for four days prior to the test. The other six 4’ mats were dry mats that had been in storage for 6 weeks. Each mat had ten sampling points. Three points on the top of the mat, three on the bottom, and two points on each side. All sampling points were randomly located. We used a random number generator to select the block to be sampled. Once each block was selected we used another random number to determine sampling point distance in millimeters from the end of the mat. The following picture shows a sampling point on the side of the mat 57387 and that is located at 1865 mm from the end. We took a picture of every sampling point. When there was a crack on the sampling point, we measured the crack using a digital caliper. Mats were loaded into the reefer container, which took 12 hours to reach the minimum temperature of - 25° Centigrade (minus 13 Fahrenheit). After the container reached - 25°Centigrade we kept the mats in the container for 60 more hours. We then opened the container to ambient temperature at about 25° centigrade (77° Fahrenheit). Next step was statistical analysis of the data. CONCLUSION: There was no statistical difference between the sizes of the cracks before and after freezing for mats under the wet or dry treatments. Contact us with questions or comments!

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  • E7M | WorldForestGroup

    E7M The Most Cost Effective Access Mat QUICK FACTS HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? Solid Timber. 14' or 16 ' x 7' x 6" Eucalyptus mat. INTRODUCTORY PRICING: for details. Call GUARANTEE: We back our E7M mats with our 10-point . Guarantee VIDEO INTRODUCTION Introductions, Flip Test, Drop Test, Deflection Test, Freeze Test E7M-CHANNEL Play Video Play Video Todd's Story Play Video Play Video E7M-Intro Play Video Play Video Access-Mats-Concrete-Truck-92,000 lbs. Play Video Play Video 9-Month-Follow-Up-Concrete Play Video Play Video E7M-Testing Play Video Play Video Testing-Intro Play Video Play Video Freeze Testing Load More

  • Eucalyptus Timber Mats | World Forest Group LLC

    Top of Page Guarantee Testimonials PROBLEM Mat quality is decreasing, mats don't last, mats aren't as safe as they used to be. DISCOVER SOLUTIONS TESTIMONIALS WE PROMISE YOU: We will treat you with courtesy and integrity. We will never sell you a mat you don't need; we will never sell you an inferior mat. We will deliver on time and on quality. REQUEST A QUOTE OUR GUARANTEE World Forest Group backs our Eucalyptus mats with the following 10-point Guarantee: ​ Single Eucalyptus species. End sealant. End caps. Substantially no wane. No rot, no bark. Square edges. ASTM F1554 or better bolts. Plantation sourced sustainable supply. Bug treatment compliant with Federal USDA regulations. Quality Control Bar Code REQUEST A QUOTE We Guarantee Every Standardized Mat. Testimonials " I have handled literally every type of timber mat from the hardwoods to the pines, and as well as well as different vendors mats such as Yak Mat, Thomasson, Empire, and Sterling. (All very decent mats) I first came to encounter the eucalyptus mats from you guys a year ago. I just want to express they are the best timber mat I have ever experienced. They handle fantastic with a front end loader. They are super easy to coordinate if laying a pad. They go on a truck with superior ease, and they hold up significantly to the outdoor elements. I graded out 300 A grade eucalyptus mats 10 months ago. I shipped them to a project yesterday, and the integrity they possessed 10 months ago was still there. I just wanted to share my experience with you about your product." - Operator, Major Mat Supplier - Senior Regional VP Heavy Lift Company RECENT ARTICLES Solar Power World Features #ABetterTimberMat 23 Write a comment Profits with Eucalyptus Timber Mats! 14 Write a comment FREEZE! 19 Write a comment EXPLORE ALL

  • Eucalyptus Links | World Forest Group LLC | A Better Timber Mat

    EUCALYPTUS LINKS ​ External Site Resources Eucalyptus Plantations in Florida Why Red Grandis Eucalyptus? Red Grandis Eucalyptus The Wood Database - Eucalyptus Grandis Wikipedia - Eucalyptus Grandis How to Prevent Cracks in Your Large Timbers Wholesale Hardwood Lumber Supply - Red Grandis Eucalyptus Potential of Strength Grading Green Eucalyptus Grandis United States Department of Agriculture - Eucalyptus Grandis vs. Eucalyptus Urophylla Eucalyptus Improvement for Lumber Production Wood of the Month: Red Grandis Red Grandis Eucalyptus Used to Build Quality Furniture Introduction of Eucalyptus Into the United States The Genome of Eucalyptus Grandis Atlas of Florida Plants - Eucalyptus Grandis Eucalyptus - A Global Tree for Fuel and Fiber Florabank - Eucalyptus Grandis World Agro Forestry - Eucalyptus Grandis Atlas of Living Australia - Eucalyptus Grandis Wood Solutions - Rose Gum (Eucalyptus Grandis) Sustainable Forestry Management and Eucalyptus UK Wood Species Database - Red Grandis Wholesale Eucalyptus Grandis Lumber Supplier US Forest Services - Rose Gum Eucalyptus Mechanical Properties of Wood Properties of Wood and Structural Wood Products Managing Eucalyptus Plantations under Global Changes Comparative Durability of Untreated Wood in Use Above Ground (USFS Forest Products Lab) Internal Resources at World Forest Group Site ​ Engineering Table 3.8 from Mobile Crane Support Handbook (Duerr) World Forest Group Better Value for you World Forest Group Basics Brochures World Forest Group University Courses World Forest Group 3D Model Page BIBLIOGRAPHY ON EUCALYPTUS

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